All of these images in various sizes serve another purpose, so you shouldn’t set the defaults to zero to keep WordPress from creating them, as some tutorials suggest.

Екатерина Милехина
Наши сотрудники — наше богатство

Smush Pro doesn’t have image optimization limits and comes with a CDN so you can keep your server storage space clear. You’ll be able to add more custom image sizes than you normally would. Think of it as the equivalent of putting flowy MC Hammer pants instead of little skinny jeans on those babies because the fabric is cheap 🙂

Guess what images it uses to create that list? Yup, WordPress uses the same images at different sizes it creates when you upload an image.

Ярославль. Двое
Империя наносит ответный визит

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We’ve now reached the part of our tutorial where we will unravel the whole thumbnail/featured image mess. Basically, the problem boils down to this; because WordPress maintains backward compatibility as it evolves, the names of things change, but the functions still refer to things by their old names.

«На десктопе слева текст, справа Сокуров. Значит при сужении экрана Сокуров встанет под текст, а не наоборот»

Автор — автор

Вынес разнообразный и богатый опыт рамки и место обучения кадров требуют от нас анализа

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To make this less confusing for yourself so you can actually use the right size, I suggest creating a custom image size and naming it featured-large or something similar. Then, when you want to use that image in you’re the loop, you’ll use the_post_thumbnail('featured-large').

Ярославль. В лесу
Ярославль. В лесу

«Цитата на первом слайде»

Фамилия Имя,

Ярославль. Репетиция
Ярославль. Репетиция

«Цитата на втором слайде»

Фамилия Имя,
Ярославль. В лесу
Ярославль. В лесу

«Цитата на третьем слайде»

Фамилия Имя,